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4 Steps to Actuated Cultural Knowledge

Actuated Cultural Knowledge We’re live in 4-3-2-1 . . . “When Jesus returns, will he be a Capitalist!?” There was a pause and I looked over at Justin, wondering whether to feel pity or to laugh. The 45-year-old Muslim man looked … Continue reading

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Peas in the Cultural Pod: Businesses and Churches

Whether at Home or in the Other culture, the peas of business and church are lodged in the pod of culture. The other day my wife and I were asked for our help to solve a “church conflict issue” in … Continue reading

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It’s not always about culture. (1) “Culture skill” is a “soft skill,” so people say. It’s not part of the business portfolio, or at least not a very important part. I get this argument, but of course I think it’s … Continue reading

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