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Peas in the Cultural Pod: Businesses and Churches

Whether at Home or in the Other culture, the peas of business and church are lodged in the pod of culture. The other day my wife and I were asked for our help to solve a “church conflict issue” in … Continue reading

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The Only Way BAM Makes Sense: The Primacy of the Core Narrative for BAM, culture-thinking . . . and everything else

BAM and my emphasis in this blog on “culture training” is worthless apart from a reliable core narrative: The Good News of the appearing, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In case you think I am selling you a well-starched … Continue reading

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“Mergers and Acquisitions” as a BAM Resource: Part 1

in this episode >>>> the PEAS IN A POD difference BAM practitioners and coaches can learn from Mergers and Acquisition globally. Most BAM start-ups are exactly THAT – a merger of two cultures. So it’s worth paying attention to issues … Continue reading

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Salaam Mrs. Qureshi. Want to Buy a Used Garment?

Anybody can do this. Mrs. Qureshi is coming to collect her children from Hope-of-the-Community Primary School in the generic suburb of Anytown, Uniculture, Continent C. By chance, we have located our shop across the street from the school. She arrives … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Rid of so-called “Cross-Cultural” Business As Mission

Slam-Bam Sam (that was me) is making his way to the Shopping Centre right down the road, or so he thinks. I am standing at the bus stop, but the buses keep going the wrong direction – why? I am … Continue reading

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