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Being a CanDoo in the Other Culture

concerning being a CanDoo in an Other Culture . . . The other night I was praying. I was facing some pretty tough issues that I hoped would go away . . . and I offered God money. You are … Continue reading

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Get a Grip on Yourself and the American Dream

The profound piece that follows exhorts American followers of Jesus not to yield first place to our Home culture. The writer’s point is equally valid in any Other culture. Thanks Bob, we desperately need to hear this. *********************************** from Bob DeMoss on … Continue reading

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Part 3 – BAM Glocal

GLOCAL BAM? Where are the “business as mission” initiatives among refugees who are being resettled in the USA? Examples? I have more questions than answers. See REPORTS on refugees entering the USA, current through August 2016: http://www.wrapsnet.org/Reports/AdmissionsArrivals/tabid/211/Default.aspx Do local agencies that … Continue reading

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Business in Every Culture but no Christian Culture in Any Culture

There is no Christian Culture in any Culture. There is Business in every Culture. The powerful Message of the Gospel translates powerfully into every Culture. We need to get rid of the fallacy that there can be a “Christian culture.”  … Continue reading

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blob or missionary?

Two ways I avoid God and life 1) I’m caught up in the worry of the day and the details so that I don’t see the big picture of how Jesus has entered in and what God is doing in … Continue reading

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