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16 Problems with BAM in Other Cultures

We are about to destroy the Earth with (what we think is) “Western Capitalism sent from God.” A false integration of business and spirituality because the integration is American-style. Self-exportation: Terrence is an ace marketer for a major US Flooring Company and … Continue reading

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BAM: Body-and-Soul Marketing?

What do you think about putting Jesus on a billboard? Not my idea of helpful evangelism, but . . . The other day we were riding down the highway with my neighbors and their 8-year-old. He noticed a huge billboard … Continue reading

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Get a Grip on Yourself and the American Dream

The profound piece that follows exhorts American followers of Jesus not to yield first place to our Home culture. The writer’s point is equally valid in any Other culture. Thanks Bob, we desperately need to hear this. *********************************** from Bob DeMoss on … Continue reading

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BAG OF HOT AIR American Blog-er: Blog of HotAir? American Bam-er: BAM of HotAir? Identify one cultural characteristic of Americans: ANALYZE STUFF We solve problems. We wax eloquent on all sorts of theories about why “what is” is the way … Continue reading

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Part 3 – BAM Glocal

GLOCAL BAM? Where are the “business as mission” initiatives among refugees who are being resettled in the USA? Examples? I have more questions than answers. See REPORTS on refugees entering the USA, current through August 2016: http://www.wrapsnet.org/Reports/AdmissionsArrivals/tabid/211/Default.aspx Do local agencies that … Continue reading

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The Job BAM job. Lately I have been reading Job. “He is massively ignorant,” says my friend Marc* as he reflects on the latter chapters of Job. In my wealth of information, folk wisdom, and fountains of cultural insights put forth … Continue reading

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Dear BAMbassador, As a businessperson, YOUR experiences will modify the message. The message is full of you, the messenger The communicator’s personality and experiences modify the form of a message, says Donald K. Smith. In some sense the message of the gospel … Continue reading

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