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Developing BAM Cross-Cultural so that Business As Mission is skilled culturally. Alongside insightful West African leaders who train workers to be carefully cross-cultural as they go making disciples. Engaging work and research inside cultures, American education systems, mission agencies. Towards learning, teaching, communicating, being anthropological and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who lives. Via UPenn, UMd, West LondonUK, AccraGhana, PortlandOR, TrentonNJ, PhilaPA,TowsonMD.

With OPPORTUNITY for ALL! BAM in the New American City!

Making THAT connection with new “Other-culture” people in American communities provides at least five opportunities: 1) opportunity to welcome the stranger 2) opportunity to create jobs, adding value to communities 3) opportunity to find innovation through new eyes 4) opportunity to share the … Continue reading

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7 More Sources towards Commonsense in the Other Culture

This is the second in a multi-part series on selected SOURCES to inform crossing into Other Cultures. Here are a few more “book-sources.” A BOOK THAT MAKES SENSE OF CULTURES Stewart, Edward C. and Milton J. Bennett. American Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. … Continue reading

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What Business Needs to Know about Commonsense in Other Culture Workplaces: SELECTED BEST SOURCES

Here are some Best Sources about Commonsense in Other Culture Workplaces. THE GAP. I’ve been reading on this subject for a couple years. Seems to me there are few if any sources that directly address this subject as related to … Continue reading

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BAM’S Evil Twin is Your Business Partner!?

Is BAM’S Evil Twin Your Business Partner? In this blog I usually consider BAM and talk about commonsense in the Other culture and how to get it. It’s time to talk about spiritual commonsense and how little we have.I know, … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Actuated Cultural Knowledge

Actuated Cultural Knowledge We’re live in 4-3-2-1 . . . “When Jesus returns, will he be a Capitalist!?” There was a pause and I looked over at Justin, wondering whether to feel pity or to laugh. The 45-year-old Muslim man looked … Continue reading

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The Lean Start-Up Door to Commonsense in the Other Culture

How is Lean Startup process like engaging in an Other culture? If you know “Lean Startup,” that sense of process should open the door to Other-culture commonsense. This blog entry is aimed at helping you have commonsense in an Other … Continue reading

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Peas in the Cultural Pod: Businesses and Churches

Whether at Home or in the Other culture, the peas of business and church are lodged in the pod of culture. The other day my wife and I were asked for our help to solve a “church conflict issue” in … Continue reading

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