American Blog-er: Blog of HotAir?
American Bam-er: BAM of HotAir?

Identify one cultural characteristic of Americans: ANALYZE STUFF


We solve problems. We wax eloquent on all sorts of theories about why “what is” is the way it is . . . and how to make it better.

People in every culture have their theories, you say. Yes.

Our inclination is to value constructs. To value thoughts. To value ideas and a good plan (or a good theology). Possibly ahead of our friends.

Other-culture inclinations are: People first.

This doesn’t mean they “get along” or that results at the end of the day are “better.” Maybe the results are just different.

Results in the Other-culture are valued first in relational terms.

Instead of –-BUT NOT IN PLACE OF– right-thinking, a sound plan, a good product, and maximum profit.

The first, lead, primary, essential, intrinsic question–
THE QUESTION closest to the Other-culture heart is:
How are you and I doing with life together?


About rbuddglobal

Developing BAM Cross-Cultural so that Business As Mission is skilled culturally. Alongside insightful West African leaders who train workers to be carefully cross-cultural as they go making disciples. Engaging work and research inside cultures, American education systems, mission agencies. Towards learning, teaching, communicating, being anthropological and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who lives. Via UPenn, UMd, West LondonUK, AccraGhana, PortlandOR, TrentonNJ, PhilaPA,TowsonMD.
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