Business in Every Culture but no Christian Culture in Any Culture

There is no Christian Culture in any Culture.

There is Business in every Culture.

The powerful Message of the Gospel translates powerfully into every Culture.

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We need to get rid of the fallacy that there can be a “Christian culture.”  The Kingdom is not like that. Culture is not like that, not anywhere. Christ “in us” calls peoples to Himself in their own cultures.

This is amazing – that the gospel is so powerful that people in every culture can hear the good news about Jesus . . .  without their culture (or our own) being destroyed.

Business, in some form, takes place in every culture, so it is a reasonable way for followers of Jesus to enter and engage people in an Other Culture.

Business among a people, sensitive to their culture, can be started and established by followers of Jesus as His ambassadors. They carry His message into that culture along with their ways of commerce and the ways of their workplace.

Again — His message addresses people in every culture. It is heard in the unique “hearing ways” of that culture. That is, the message of the gospel translates into every culture. (You may gain some insight by your understanding of how “business” translates into that specific culture.)

blog red cross pexels-photo-98014If you go with your business, understanding this, you will seek culture-specific ways to do business and culture-specific ways the gospel can be heard and understood and received.

The Kingdom does not take over a country. The Kingdom does not take over “art” or “politics” or “family life” or “business.” (In essence there is no such thing as a “Christian” college or a “Christian” business.) The followers of Jesus follow Him in all they do—in education and business, etc. In that way, via these human messengers –in whatever they are doing and in the relationships they have– The Kingdom reaches deep into the core of the culture of a people and changes emerge: Changes spring forth from the hearts of peoples who are the participant-resident-owners of the patterns of that culture.

As the gospel is believed, the Kingdom is translated into the lives and cultures of those who believe. It is like salt and light. It enhances the unique flavor of the individuals and families and institutions (even business) it infuses. It clarifies truth and right. Much more. The King is seen! The King is honored!

We can look for the Kingdom in a culture. We can look into your life and see more or less Kingdom influence and power. We look into a culture and see more or less Kingdom influence and power.

We are praying for the Kingdom to come. The Kingdom is coming, all over the world, as people believe and are transformed by Jesus who lives. This happens to individuals and among groups and among peoples. This happens as we GO and establish our lives and businesses among them, and as we love our neighbors there locally. We GO in the name of Jesus the King.


About rbuddglobal

Towards Business As Mission becoming skilled culturally. Alongside West African colleagues who train workers to go cross-culturally. Learning, teaching, communicating, and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who welcomes all.
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