PART 2: “Mergers and Acquisitions” as a Resource for BAM

BAM Cross-Cultural start-ups are merging two cultures. BAM practitioners and coaches can learn from the insights of those engaged in Mergers and Acquisition globally.

Culture: The Forgotten Link in M&A suggests “8 ways to improve the performance of merging teams.” Let’s look at two more. (Be sure to see the Aperian Global article.)

*Demonstrate respect for your new partners and learn from them
This near-platitude of “play nice” almost sounds demeaning – IT’S NOT, but it needs  detailing. If vision, process, and goals are unshared, you may end up flying solo and making no sense in a place where you want to contribute sense. The worst case is you being patronizing.

Go as a learner. What’s different in business in the Other culture? Pick any business category and it leaks that Other culture: planning, production, marketing, management, labor . . .

What’s sensible in the Other culture? Respect for Other culture colleagues will lead you to respect for commonsense, business sense, workplace sense, money sense, marketplace sense . . . in the Other culture.

Observe meetings, conversations (what’s said and what’s not said), scenes and events. Note process, participants, time use. Ask for explanations and verify them. Go slowly if you can.

*Set shared goals and execute them effectively.
Go seeking a role as a co-agent, not point-man.

“Success in Other-culture terms” is important knowledge.

For your consideration:

See other videos in this series at:
BAM Cross-Cultural 〉 commonsense in the OtherCulture workplace



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Towards Business As Mission becoming skilled culturally. Alongside West African colleagues who train workers to go cross-culturally. Learning, teaching, communicating, and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who welcomes all.
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