i/BAM — BAM 3 Ways

i/BAM — Business As Mission 3 Ways

Do you have the will?
Do you have the skill?
Do you see the need?

Pray and work, adjust and adapt to the end ahead. Use what you have been given and what you have developed. Add skills and assume new perspectives on culture, for business, and spiritually.

Learn the needs from the inside.
Become a co-worker in the Other culture and make a BAM move.

Intentionally by BAM, make disciples.

integrate. Missions Back Window 2
Take your expertise and drive.

Make a profit and make profit-makers.
Learn cultural difference in life and business.

Learn yourself as a product of your own culture,
and integrate into Other-culture commonsense.
Others are co-image bearers of your God.

Offer the call to a fully integrated discipleship in life and business.

Human you are.
Human too is the Other culture.

Give yourself . . . in business there, in life there, as you get off the plane, as you meet, as you plan, develop, produce, market . . . as you break bread together.
Give yourself: That is His plan to invite the nations.

Do business in the flesh!  Jesus came in the flesh.
The good news begins here.

  1. intend
  2. integrate
  3. incarnate

BAM 3 Ways –– i/BAM


About rbuddglobal

Developing BAM Cross-Cultural so that Business As Mission is skilled culturally. Alongside insightful West African leaders who train workers to be carefully cross-cultural as they go making disciples. Engaging work and research inside cultures, American education systems, mission agencies. Towards learning, teaching, communicating, being anthropological and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who lives. Via UPenn, UMd, West LondonUK, AccraGhana, PortlandOR, TrentonNJ, PhilaPA,TowsonMD.
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