3-2-1 BAM! The Essentials

Business-As-Mission has three inseparable parts:
3. Business    2. Mission or spirituality    1.CultureBAM jb 3 part pie

See the 3 pieces in the Pie chart.

BAM work is like three strands of DNA.

Or a 3-strand rope woven together.

3 cord

The strength of BAM
is the integration of these three.

Two-sided BAM.

You and your culture.

Others from an Other culture.

These are two sides of one coin.1

They come together. You and they come together.

The strength of BAM depends on one coin with two sides.

Our one purpose in our mission is to make disciples. go and

The plan and the power for BAM is in following Jesus, who is The Way. As we do, Others will join us in following Jesus in the workplace and the marketplace . . . and for life.
BAM engages in business in the Other culture in order to make disciples for Jesus.

Do BAM for this one calling, one effort, one hope . . . in The One.

3-2-1 BAM!


About rbuddglobal

Towards Business As Mission becoming skilled culturally. Alongside West African colleagues who train workers to go cross-culturally. Learning, teaching, communicating, and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who welcomes all.
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