the heart of communication

Taking a risk and suffering with someone is an ultimate involvement.

If you invite a person into your home and “own” their problem as if it is your own, then you see some of their suffering more clearly.  The more they become family and the more their struggle becomes yours, the more you are destined to have to work it through together.

Or, if you spend eight hours sitting in a hospital with a family worried about the condition of a loved one who has been admitted, you somewhat enter into their struggle and grief.  This often gives you the right to speak and be listened to.

Cross-culturally, there may be nothing that cuts quicker to heart-to-heart communication than entering into someone’s suffering.  People understand/relate to you when you go through hard times with them (illness, death, crisis, conflict, job loss, addiction, alienation, etc.) — co-suffering.

Now consider Jesus “suffering involvements,” the suffering ways He moved towards us, and their “relational” communication effects on us.


About rbuddglobal

Towards Business As Mission becoming skilled culturally. Alongside West African colleagues who train workers to go cross-culturally. Learning, teaching, communicating, and being with others to make disciples for Jesus who welcomes all.
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